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About Everything in Between

In 2016, Daniel and Scott wanted to start a podcast. In the beginning it was called Race, Religion & Politics. Slowly between jobs, life, and church the podcast became a reality, officially titled Everything In Between. The name represents a group of Christians that want to further the conversation of faith by discussing various topics rather than just the ones we are comfortable with. Everything In Between is a Christian podcast where we sit down with diverse individuals to discuss stories, beliefs, theology, and everything in between. Our mission is to create a safe space where listeners can hear from those who have different backgrounds, opinions and theologies, and maybe even shorten the distance between us all.
In 2019, Daniel and Scott brought on Gabe and Jessica Senbetu to help out with the project. Jessica is the co-host, and Gabe runs our social media and graphics. Together we make one heck of a team.
Our hope for this podcast is that you learn and are inspired by people who you agree with and most importantly disagree with, so that Jesus may be glorified.
EIB Team

The Team

Daniel Kunel

Creator & Host

Scott Bolin

Co-Creator & Editor/Producer

Gabe Senbetu

Graphics Designer

Jess Senbetu